I’m a dramatic writer who keeps moving west. 

I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. Convinced I was born to say the lines written by others, I attended the University of Miami to get my BFA in Musical Theatre. What did I learn? I’m terrible at tap dancing and not only do I admire the words of others, I want to write them. So I started to. Officially, anyways.

It’s only after you buy Final Draft, learn all the formatting, and type “The end” do you realize you’ve been a writer all along:

shooting movies on the family video camera…

creating whole notebooks worth of graphic novels…

staging fight scenes in the makeshift theater on your back porch...

I found a bunch of like-minded people in college who loved making stuff too. We all moved to NYC and kept doing it there. We made plays and short films and musicals every waking hour that we weren’t taking orders at LES bars and Midtown lunch spots. We met in Miami so we called ourselves Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company. We were precocious, fearless, likely obnoxious with our unadulterated joy for all things dramatic, and very happy. 

After making my own path for four years in New York, I knew that I personally needed some more writing schooling. any writing schooling. When you’re positive you were born to read lines and not write them, you don’t really take many English or writing classes. (You’re stuck in tap class instead.) In 2011, I left NYC—for what I thought was a temporary break—to get my MFA in Screenwriting and Playwriting at Northwestern University. Guess what?

Chicago sucked me in.

I made a ton of friends, received a grant to make a short film, got a bunch of exciting opportunities to develop my work with different storefront theaters, founded another theatre company, this one a site-inspired company, called Living Room Playmakers, and I fell in love and married a Chicagoan.

From 2013 to 2019, I wrote scripts and produced content for a digital learning company by day and I wrote my own screenplays and plays at night.

My writing is wacky, chaotic, funny, and eternally optimistic.

“A script by Erin Austin packs all the punch, revelation, and emotional resonance of a musical, without using any music at all!” a quote I’d love for someone to say about my work. (Take it now! It’s all yours!) I’m rhythmic with my words (not my feet, remember I was a tap-dancing nightmare) and I’m loud and brassy with my ideas (although you’ll often find me in a one-on-one conversation at a cocktail party instead of holding court in the center of the room.) 

I’m a team player.

I have a lot of opinions on why that is, and they all have to do with soccer. We’ll have a one-on-one about it, if you like, but for now, I’ll just say: I listen to the ideas of others, I latch onto passion, and I bring my own voice, experience, and professionalism to each project.